How can Casvi International American School students study abroad?

Studying abroad has many benefits for Casvi International American School students. Thanks to the II International Consultants Fair held at Casvi Villaviciosa School, the students of Grade 10, Grade 11 and 1st Diploma Program, our students have been able to know a little more about everything related to studying abroad.

This fair has been organized by the Guidance Department of the school and has counted with the participation of IEC Formación, Esportian, Talento y Deporte, Klensein, Royal Universities, Navitas, Five Lands and Educoway.

Benefits of studying abroad at the best universities in the world

Studying abroad is a decision that will have a very positive personal and professional impact on Casvi International American School students. These are the main benefits:

  • 1. Linguistic and cultural immersion.
    2. Unique experience in an international environment where open-mindedness and interculturalism are encouraged.
    3. It puts students at an advantage with respect to others thanks to their proactive profile and their adaptation to other cultures and environments.
    4. Encourages learning about oneself and becoming more self-sufficient.
    5. Increases communication and social skills.
    6. In addition, it broadens your international network of contacts.
    7. Getting to know other cultures helps you to be more flexible and respectful.
    8. It allows you to get to know a new way of teaching and learning.
    9. Development of a global and international mentality.
How can Casvi International American School students study abroad?

“It is essential to develop critical thinking and global competence, always in an environment and from the demands of an international approach.”

Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of Casvi Group
How can Casvi International American School students study abroad?
How was the II International Consultants Fair?

Due to the international character of Casvi International American School, every year many students decide to study abroad. This is facilitated by our International Baccalaureate methodology, which allows them to access and study anywhere in the world.

That is why the II International Consultants Fair has allowed our students to talk to important international consultants and solve their doubts about studying abroad. Some of them are:

Scholarships they can apply for to study abroad.

Requirements to fulfill.

Top rated universities in the world.

Validations with national universities.

Possibility of internships after studying abroad.

How can Casvi International American School students study abroad?
Advice for Casvi Villaviciosa students to study abroad

KLEINSEIN: “Have a perfect level of English to be able to apply to the best universities”.

SPORTIAN: “Combining your passion for esports with your studies and doing it in the USA is possible. There are opportunities at all levels and you can get good funding”.

NAVITAS. “Studying abroad should be approached with an open mind and willing to have a life experience that opens doors, facilitates networking and helps you see more professional and personal options.”

FIVE LANDS: “It is essential to build a resume outside of school that can impress the foreign universities you want to study at.”

ROYAL UNIVERSITIES: “Before choosing where to go, you have to analyze well where you want to be in 7 years because the University is the means to reach that end”.

IEC FORMATION: “You have to be well informed about everything, and even go to visit the universities, because it is not the same to see them on the Internet”.

EDUCAWAY. “Do not leave it to the last minute. It is highly recommended to start the orientation process between 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate to choose the right subjects and have a choice of universities”.

TALENT AND SPORT: “Studying in the U.S. is an investment in the future. A country recognized for its educational system, focused on practice and research, with an unemployment rate of 4% for university graduates, much lower than in Spain”.

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