It is time for final evaluations for all our students at Casvi International American School after a year of adaptation to the new reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has left us in which they have had to study at home.

In order to successfully overcome this last stage of the school year, first, our teachers are in charge of keeping alive the illusion and motivation to continue learning, since these feelings will undoubtedly make everything much more bearable. 

On that basis, our students only have to apply the following tips in their study techniques, to be able to move on to the next course having closed a successful school year.

5 Home Study Tips

  1. Plan ahead

Planning in exams and assignments is essential, and also the part to which you should dedicate more time, since a good organization is the key to success. In addition to general planning by making a schedule, it is essential to plan each week of study, setting small goals each day. This will help us to feel greater satisfaction when it comes to gradually meet our goals.

             2. Create your own study space

Having an adequate study space is essential for the effective development of the study. Look for a large table, order your material and get a comfortable chair, where your back and your body stay in tune, so we will avoid bad postures and habits that can take their toll on us. Look for a quiet place, a bright and spacious room, where there is no noise or distractions. Feel comfortable studying, and use only the essential material for this activity: Ipad, computer, textbooks, sheets of paper, and pens. By following these steps, you will have a pleasant study day.

               3. Manage your study time 

Alternate study and break times to free your mind. A great method that can help you manage your study time is by minute doses. Study steadily for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and then take a 5 or 10 minute break. This will help you maintain a balance between study and rest, which will help your concentration during study hours, and disconnection during rest hours.

            4. Shape your study method

If the International Baccalaureate methodology teaches us anything, it is that not everything is memorizing and reading. In fact, it is very little. This methodology shows us different techniques to internalize the material. Through transcripts, underlining, summaries, concept maps or diagrams, you will be able to better understand and internalize the knowledge you study. Practice, study real cases and do not forget that the use of colors helps the memorization of the content. 

           5. Rest and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Resting, practicing sports, listening to music and maintaining a balanced diet also help in exams. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Therefore, during study hours it is essential to set aside time exclusively for rest. The brain must also recover, so sleeping at least eight hours a day is vital for academic performance.


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