Guidance Department Objectives

Guidance Department Objectives


Our objective is to guide our pupils to develop their capacities and skills to the maximum. We want them to be prepared to tackle university and professional life when they finish their studies with us, with them being the guides to their own paths.

The Department is comprised of psychologies, pedagogues and psycho-pedagogues and specialists in Education and Hearing and Language.

  • Their specific objectives are:

    • Diagnosis and orientation of pupils with different difficulties.
    • Orientation for pupils at the time of the change of mode in education level (academic and professional guidance).
    • Orientation for parents in the rearing of the child.
    • Orientation for teachers is psycho-pedagogical work.
    • Orientation for pupils in different aspects of their development.
    • Supervision of the school situation.
    • Monitoring of cases.
    • Contact and monitoring with external cases.

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