Gamification in the International Baccalaureate in Casvi International American School.

The ways and methods of teaching in schools are changing faster. For this reason, at Casvi International American School we have been applying the International Baccalaureate methodology for some time now. The final objective of this methodology is to form citizens of the world, inquiring, educated and informed young people. In short, they are capable of learning by themselves. To this end, one of the techniques we apply in our center is gamification in the International Baccalaureate.

Gamification in Casvi International American School

What is gamification? It is a learning technique that transfers all the potential of games to the educational environment in order to improve the academic results of students.

At Casvi International American School it is used at all stages and in all subjects. In this way, we try to maximize the students’ abilities through experimentation and play, since it is easier to achieve more functional and meaningful learning for them.

Learning by playing

Gamification provides motivating environments for students, letting them know that they come to class to learn and work, but that they are going to do it through play. In short, they will learn by playing.

The games themselves teach since, behind each one of them, there is learning not only of content but also of values. In addition, the benefits of gamification are closely linked to the development of some skills such as teamwork or creativity. These skills are fundamental for the development and future of students.

Advantages of gamification for students

Gamification within the International Baccalaureate is a resource that is increasingly present. In addition, it has a number of interesting advantages:

-Increases motivation for learning: children like to play, therefore, any activity that is fun for them increases their motivation.

-It makes subjects more fun: since it is applicable to all subjects, it can help them understand and learn abstract concepts more easily.

-Increases attention and concentration: since it is something they enjoy and have fun doing, they are more predisposed to it and focused on what they have to do.

-Improves academic performance: by assimilating the concepts, better results are obtained compared to a learning style based on memorization.

-Stimulates social relations: most of these games require their realization in a group. Thus, students have to learn to communicate and work together.

-It encourages the good use of video games: they are one of the most interesting tools. Their use can make students understand that they are not only for leisure.

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