This is the anniversary of the Casvi Foundation’s aid project in Piura (Peru). An anniversary that has reminded them how a piece of land that was abandoned, became the perfect place to build a multi-storey building. These facilities currently host an Occupational Training Center with different training areas (catering service, arts, pottery service,  tailoring, hairdressing, embroidery or IT service); and a dining room where 140 people have lunch every day, among them children and elderly people who do not have any kind of basic resources.

Pleasant memories are shown in this emotional video, produced by the same volunteers who, with affection and enthusiasm, try to provide solutions, day after day, to the problems of this disadvantaged community. All of them are members of one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the city of Piura.

The event deserved it, and on the 13th anniversary of Casvi Foundation, its volunteers wanted to celebrate it in a very special way. You can experience it in this photo gallery.

We are glad to perceive a smile on the faces of all the volunteers and benefited people of Casvi Foundation’s aid project in Peru, mostly in a year completely damaged by the pandemic situation. An atypical context that has not avoided that other types of aid activities have been carried out. An example of this is the School Campaign 2021, which we would like to show you in this new photo gallery. 

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