Extracurricular activities back at Casvi Tres Cantos

In the month of October the extracurricular activities return to Casvi Tres Cantos. Tennis, paddle tennis, soccer, dance, guitar and piano are the activities that will be taught from October 1st.

Extracurricular activities are back at Casvi Tres Cantos

Objective of the extracurricular activities in Casvi Tres Cantos

At Casvi Tres Cantos we want to offer the best extracurricular activities to our students, since they are a fundamental complement to their academic and integral formation.

Doing an extracurricular activity after school has many benefits such as the promotion of values like teamwork and companionship, creativity work, the enhancement of communication skills and the development of socialization skills…

Extracurricular activities are back at Casvi Tres Cantos

What extracurricular activities do we offer at Casvi Tres Cantos?

In Casvi Tres Cantos we offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities taught by teachers of the school and specialists in each of the subjects. As for sports activities, we offer soccer, tennis and paddle tennis. Guitar, piano and dance classes complete the offer.

Classes will begin on October 1 and the registration period will remain open until September 30. If you’re interested in one of these activities, please fill out the registration forms below of this document and hand it in at the school front desk or to the email isabel.garcia@casvitrescantos.es

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