Fascinating beginning of the school year at Casvi International American School

Excitement, internationality, open-mindedness, new students, and a great desire to meet again with the whole educational community of Casvi… This is how the students of Casvi International American School arrived on the first day of school after summer vacation. Thanks to the trust and closeness with the families, we started a school year full of positivism. In Casvi we continue to bet on the International Baccalaureate methodology to promote in our students a constructivist work methodology based on conceptual learning.

In this school year, marked once again by the pandemic, we are 100% committed to face-to-face lessons. Following health protocols, our students met again with old friends, new teachers, and new international students, and with challenging goals to face. Undoubtedly, if we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that family and school continue to be one team looking in the same direction: to offer the best education to each student.

The best education at Casvi International American School consists of offering the ideal international project to our students. A project that is based on the foundations of the International Baccalaureate, and in which our students not only learn to be citizens of the world. They finish their school stage mastering different languages, having an open mind and developing critical thinking. All this will help them to be multicultural and to position themselves with an advantage over any other student in the world.

Mr. Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of Casvi Group, tells us in the following video the keys to a start of the school year full of positivism.

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