EvAU ends, fingers crossed!

The Evaluation for Access to the University (EvAU) ended today for the 36 students of Casvi International American School that have taken the exams in this ordinary call.

Our students began the tests on Tuesday,  being the first of the exams the Spanish Language and Literature one.

They were nervous, but with the selfconfidence of carrying out their homework, since throughout the year they have been taking several EvAU simulations …

Evau2019 alumnos Bachillerato

With specific mentoring classes to calm the nerves and practice the exam exercises in a more practical way …

Evau2019 alumnos Bachillerato


Or through the interesting talk of Paula Linares, Bio-medical Engineering student and a former student of our school who tell them their personal experience with the EvAU years ago.

Evau2019 alumnos Bachillerato


Now, they just have to wait for the results that will be available on June 14 through the UAM website. The die is cast!

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