How fit are you?

The students of 1st Bachillerato have taken an initial assessment test of their physical form to check their evolution throughout the course.

These tests are carried out every year by the Department of Physical Education of the school with the aim that the students know their physical condition, as well as their possibilities of improvement and their limitations.


Test concdición física inicial

To do this, after warming up, they have made three different exercises according to the capacity to be measured. The first of them measured their eye-pedic-manual coordination …

Test condición física inicial

the second, their agility in a circuit by measuring the runtime …

Test Condición física inicial

and in the third, their flexibility.

Test condición física inicial

This initial assessment is very important for students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active and have control of their evolution during the course since at the end of the year they will  measure their skills and will be able to check if they have topped their personal best.

Casvi Test inicial fisica condición


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