Instructions for the new school year

Dos alumnos de Casvi International American School de la mano, entrando al colegio en su nuevo curso escolar en

We are getting ready for the new school year 2024-2025!

Are you ready for the new school year at Casvi International American School? We show you everything you need to know to be prepared for the first day of school.

1. The beginning of the school year will be on Thursday the 5th for all the students of the school, with a full day in the morning and afternoon, from 09.00 to 16.45 h.

The boarding students will be welcomed on Wednesday the 4th from 16.00-20.00h.

2. For school transportation users: In due time they will receive the information corresponding to their stop and schedule.

3. The requested books and school supplies will be delivered directly to the student on the first day of school. The amount will be remitted to you by bank receipt in December.

You will shortly receive the list of the books, as well as the order form.

4. School Uniform: Mandatory from Pre-School through Grade 11.

PreK1 -Kindergarten (3 years, 4 years, 5 years), Elementary, Middle School and High School (Grades 9-11)

Boys: Grey long pants, blue sweater, white polo shirt and warm clothes according to the uniform.

Girls: Gray plaid skirt/ Gray long pants, blue sweater, white polo shirt, and warm clothes according to the uniform.

Regarding footwear, they must wear black or navy blue shoes, as well as navy blue socks, stockings or tights. Sneakers are not allowed to be worn with the uniform.

Babies are mandatory from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten.

Sportswear (Prek 1-G10): Full tracksuit. T-shirt and shorts. White or black sneaker.


Uniform Store Hours

Clothes can be purchased at the school store during the following hours before the beginning of the school year:

July 5-19 and August 19- 30:

September 2,3 and 4:

September 5 -30:

October to June:

09:00 h.- 14:30 h

9:00 h. – 14:00 h.//16:00 h.-18:00 h

16:00 h. -18:00 h.

16:00 h -18:00 h. (Friday)

All payments must be made by credit card.

From July 5 through July 15 all purchases will have a 5% discount.

5. The lunchroom and bus service will start on the first day of school; therefore, please contact the secretary’s office to confirm these services before July 14.

6. Informative meetings will be held during the first days of September.

Horario de tutorías para el nuevo curso escolar 2024-2025
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