At Casvi International American School, education and art come together, along with creativity. Our students have a lot of opportunities to express themselves in different subjects through the arts.

Education and Art

Educación y arte en Casvi International American School

Children love to create, so for us it is essential that education and art go hand in hand to foster their creativity and keep them motivated.

From the Pre-School stage onwards, our students have classes in visual arts, music, and corporal expression. They learn about the basic elements and concepts used in visual media such as color, lines, shape, texture, harmony, contrast, etc.

In later stages, students participate in music classes where they sing or learn to play instruments such as the ukulele or piano. In addition, they are introduced to technical drawing, design or debate classes. All this helps them to explore creativity and express themselves.

Oral communication and knowing how to express yourself is a must in an American school like Casvi International American School. Public speaking and debating skills are essential components of all our academic programmes and at all stages.

We offer classes in music, visual arts, technical drawing, design or dance, as well as extracurricular activities such as participating in the Casvi Choir.

Another subject that stands out in the field of education and art is dance. From Grade 1 to Grade 10, students have two hours of dance per week. In these classes, taught by a specialized dance teacher, students learn body expression and rhythm through different choreographies and movements.

In addition to curricular activities, we offer a variety of extracurricular options related to the arts, such as participating in the Casvi Choir, which is becoming more and more popular with students every year and performing at events such as the Spring Festival and the Christmas Show.

If you would like to learn more about education and art at our school, please contact our Admissions Department.

Educación y arte. Instrumentos
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