Book Fair: Promoting reading

Alumnos leyendo un cuento en el Día del Libro en Casvi International American School

Today, April 23rd, we celebrate Book Day at Casvi International American School. A date that invites us to reflect on the transformative power of reading in our lives, especially in the development of children. It is important to acquire the habit of reading from the time we are small, not only as a pleasurable activity, but as an indispensable tool. Here are some tips on how to encourage children to read.

Book Day: The importance of reading

Reading awakens the imagination, expands vocabulary, strengthens reading comprehension, and stimulates critical thinking. It also allows children to explore new worlds, learn about different cultures, and understand diverse realities, which helps them develop empathy and respect for others.

In the context of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, reading is even more important. The IB recognizes that the ability to comprehend complex texts and communicate effectively is essential to students’ academic and personal success. Therefore, it promotes a holistic approach to reading, which goes beyond mere decoding of words, and encourages critical interpretation, reflection and deep analysis of texts.

In our classrooms, we integrate reading into all areas of the curriculum, from literature in English and Spanish to science, math, and social studies. We encourage our students to explore a wide variety of genres and formats, from novels and short stories to essays, newspaper articles and poetry. In this way, we nurture their love for reading and provide them with the necessary skills to cope with the complexity of today’s world.

On this Book Day, we reaffirm our commitment to continue promoting reading as a powerful tool for the intellectual and emotional growth of our students. We invite our entire educational community to join us in this celebration and to continue exploring the wonderful world of reading together. Happy Book Day!

Book Day: How to encourage reading in children

Un niño de 13 años leyendo un cuento a una clase de infantil por el Día del Libro en Casvi International American School

1. Create a reading environment

2. Being an example

3. Reading toguether

Dedicate a cozy space at home filled with books, comfortable cushions, and good lighting. Make it a place where children feel comfortable and enjoy spending time.

Children imitate what they see, so make sure they see you reading regularly. You can share your reading experiences and talk with them about the books you enjoy.

Take time each day to read with your children. You can alternate reading turns or just enjoy the story together. This not only encourages reading, but also the emotional bond between parents and children.

4. Offer a variety of books

5. Visit libraries and bookstores

6. Make reading an interactive experience

Make sure you have a wide variety of books available at home, including different genres, topics, and formats. This allows children to explore their interests and discover new types of reading.

Take your children to libraries and bookstores regularly so they can explore and choose books for themselves. This helps them develop independence and shows them that reading is an exciting and accessible activity.

Encourage your children to ask questions, comment on the story, and relate it to their own experiences This helps them develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

7. Organize activities related to reading, such as on Book Day.

Una niña de infantil leyendo un libro por el Día del Libro

Organize activities or visit with your children book clubs, book-based puppet shows, or even theme days where they dress up as their favorite book characters.

Celebrating Book Day is an example of how to make reading an experience through different fun activities. At Casvi International American School, we have had storytelling for the little ones, as well as a bookmark workshop for children. In other classes, students have presented their favorite books in class to make recommendations to their classmates and further promote reading. 

In addition to all this, next Thursday, April 25, there will be a Book Fair in which a publishing house will bring us the latest novelties for our students. We are all looking forward to the day to discover new stories!

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