Multilingualism​ and its effect on cognitive development

We live in a globalized world where new labor universes emerge, cultural mixing, leisure, and tourism are increasingly powerful sectors… and among all these phenomena, more and more people are exposed to multiple languages. Thus, we can say that multilingualism is a reality for everyone, but when we talk about the educational environment, do we know how this phenomenon affects the development of students?

The study of languages begins at an early age. Many young people are multilingual almost from birth due to the globalization and internationalization of societies. However, this phenomenon should be encouraged in the classroom. Many have doubts about the study of several languages in schools. But, what is clear is that it is increasingly known that being multilingual does not confuse students, but rather increases their cognitive capacity and stimulates the development of their neuronal activity. This means that a child from an early age can grow up speaking different languages and end up mastering them little by little without much difficulty.

Nowadays it is essential to know and speak other languages. Therefore, when you think of a school for your children, this should be a key factor in your choice, since it will depend on it that your child grows up in a globalized world, or that he/she is left behind in social development.

profesora americana y alumno leen un cuento en inglés en clase

Being educated in an international school where languages are given great importance is a guarantee of quality for each of the students, even more so in a country where the student also has the possibility of learning Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world as a mother tongue and the third most spoken by citizens who use it in their daily lives. At Casvi International American School we have great native professionals who transmit a great international projection to each student. This means that when students finish their educational stage and prepare to enter different universities around the world, they are fully prepared to be educated and educated citizens of the world. Our educational community is fully qualified to train at the pace that each student needs, offering them support in their integration, evaluation, and language learning: Spanish, Chinese, German, and English.

“Thanks to the IB methodology and the study of different languages, our students become true communicators and inquirers. Through transdisciplinary tools, Casvi students not only learn new cultures, but the acquisition of new languages favors the development of their memory, attention span, problem solving or even planning, creating more sophisticated and unique brain functions”.

Mr. Shao Chien, Chinese teacher at Casvi International American School

profesora americana enseña los colores a sus alumnos

At Casvi International American School through teaching in English as the language of instruction, Spanish, Chinese, and German, our native teachers encourage the knowledge of different languages and cultural exchange among students. This not only helps to foster their international mindset but also enriches the student on a personal level and ends up being a competitive advantage when it comes to their professional development in the future. Multilingual education also affects other cognitive abilities of students, which can be summarized in the following advantages:

  • It improves skills through the development of metalinguistic competencies.
  • It has cognitive benefits derived from simultaneous learning.
  • Increases knowledge of socio-cultural aspects develops critical thinking and values the most positive elements of each culture.
  • It favors the individual’s cultural openness to other worlds, cultures, and realities.

The main mission of Casvi International American School is to make our students grow personally and intellectually to reach a real advantage in the university, in the working world, or in any real-life situation through the detection and development of talent, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethical commitment to our society.

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