Educational Innovation in Pre-School at Casvi International American School

Educational innovation in Pre-School at Casvi International American School encompasses different aspects such as technology, didactics, pedagogy, processes and people. It implies implementing a change in the teaching-learning process and incorporating a change in the materials, methods, contents or contexts involved in teaching.

We live in a society and in a world in constant change and this also implies changes in learning and in the way of teaching. This is what is known as educational innovation.

Educational innovation at Casvi International American School
Competencies in innovation projects

Thanks to the innovative projects, Pre-School students can develop different competencies that will be very useful in their future life. Some of these competencies are linguistic communication, multilingual, mathematical, science and technology, digital, personal and social, citizenship, creative and cultural. All of them are presented in the new education law and are very important so that, during the Pre-School stage, they can carry out educational innovation projects. However, it is true that during this period more relevance is given to the competencies that are more aligned with this stage, while those such as digital or technological ones are worked on, but to a lesser extent.

Educational innovation at Casvi International American School
The role of the student in educational innovation

The Pre-School stage is the ideal time for children to absorb all the competencies and to start their development. Thus, educational innovation must go hand in hand with “Learning by doing”. This methodology is the right one to favor balanced development and is in line with the stages of growth.

It is beneficial for students to implement educational innovation projects in the classroom. They favor and enhance the development of students in their learning construction process. It also helps them to better absorb both content and competencies providing students with significant learning. In this way, the classroom becomes the place where students can experiment, inquire and develop the necessary competencies for the correct adaptation to the environment.

Innovation in Pre-School at Casvi International American School

At Casvi International American School we follow the International Baccalaureate methodology applied through its three programs (PYP, MYP and Diploma Program). This methodology turns students into directors of their own learning. Moreover, this becomes even more relevant in the Pre-School stage, since it is here where the foundations for all future learning are laid. For educational innovation to yield the best results, it must begin to be applied from the earliest stages, since it is here that the greatest number of ideas can arise and students can tackle the most innovative projects.

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