Digital health: responsible use of technology in the rooms

Technological innovation is already a fact in most schools. The smell of chalk and the traditional ring notebooks are beginning to give way to smart screens, iPads and computers. So much so that in many centers there is no longer a vestige of the resources that were used at the time in the sector. Now, technological innovation in the classroom is presented as one of the basic elements in the learning of any student.

However, the irruption of technology in the classroom comes hand in hand with the so-called digital health. Ensuring responsible and consistent use of them has become a subject for teachers.

Educating in the correct use of technologies to avoid and prevent the existing risks of the Internet is an essential task in schools. Therefore, at Casvi International American School we not only make special mention of Digital Health, but we also seek a balance between online and offline. Thus, every day is a new challenge and adventure for our students.

Technological innovation at Casvi

At Casvi, technological innovation within the educational program is more than a reality. It arrived in a pioneering way as a true revolution within the education sector, incorporating iPads and tablets in every classroom. Today, we are witnessing how this revolution is changing the way of educating students who were born in the digital era. In order to motivate the students of this era, it is essential to acquire the skills required by the 21st century.

Through virtual experiments, subjects such as robotics, or with the incorporation of the Ipad as a work tool, students reinforce their learning every day. In Casvi, innovation and technology is one of our fundamental pillars. Therefore, we provide our students with everything within our reach so that they can obtain new knowledge adapted to change, and work on technological and collaborative skills from an early age.

Tips on the responsible use of technology in the classroom

In Casvi we want to alert our students of the dangers they can encounter if they do not make a good use of technological innovation, therefore, our teachers in each class make special mention:

How long should we use the devices?

Students should establish a timetable and be able to recognize when they are using the Internet excessively. This will prevent the development of an addiction to technology.


How to take care of the digital footprint?

At this age, they start using different social media channels. For this reason, in Digital Health we work with students on the privacy of their profiles and digital footprint.

Is it good to use devices before going to sleep?

We should avoid it. The use of mobile phones or iPads before going to sleep can inhibit melatonin secretion due to the blue light they give off.

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