Daily life at an American School

From early morning, the distinguished buses of Casvi International American School leave in search of the students. Following specific routes, each bus waits at points provided for each family for students to prepare for their school day. These buses are one of the primary means of transportation for students to begin their day at Casvi International American School.

Little by little, the first students arrive at the school, where the routine control to which the entire educational community has had to adapt awaits them. Temperature taking and disinfection of hands and shoes. With their distinguished masks, which must be worn, each bubble group goes to their classroom accompanied by their teachers where fun and interesting subjects await them.

At Casvi International American School no day is the same as the last. Every day, our students discover, investigate and learn new subjects. This makes them more autonomous in their learning and perfectionist in their results. At Casvi International American School we work with an IB methodology based on the American curriculum. This makes our students internationally minded people who make lasting contributions to the world. In addition, by having an American curriculum with native teachers, our students experience complete language immersion, which undoubtedly puts them at an advantage in their professional future.

Our students start their classes and develop their knowledge from early morning. Their subjects are very varied, since they are based on the four programs of the IB methodology. This educational formula offers a detailed and appropriate curriculum framework for the level of development of the students, which is also broad, balanced and conceptual, and is connected internally and externally.

Approaches to our teaching

One of the aspects that our students highlight from their day to day at Casvi International American School is learning new subjects as well as developing their talents. And that is, teaching at Casvi International American School:

  • Is based on inquiry: it is the students themselves who seek the information they need and build their own understanding.
  • It is focused on conceptual understanding:it deepens disciplinary understanding and helps students make connections and transfer learning to new contexts.
  • It is developed in local and global contexts.
  • It focuses on teamwork and effective collaboration.
  • It is designed to remove barriers to learning:it is inclusive teaching that values diversity.
  • It is guided by evaluation.
Casvi Experience

After classes, our students regain strength in our dining room service, which is currently equipped with all the necessary security measures to avoid direct contact between students during lunch, breakfast and dinner in the case of resident students.

The menus, based on the Mediterranean diet, are prepared by expert nutritionists and made in Casvi International American School’s own kitchen.

In addition to the daily menu, an alternative menu is prepared each day for students who follow a certain diet, as well as other special diets, with special emphasis on food allergies.

When our students have finished getting their strength back, they continue with their usual schedule. During the next few hours they do different outdoor activities, from sports such as soccer or paddle tennis, to activities such as exploring different parts of the school. There are many options, and all of them are always surrounded by a natural environment that makes them be in direct contact with nature.

At the end of their academic day, each student knows where to go. Accompanied by their homeroom and native teachers, many of them return home on their corresponding route. Others wait for their families at the door of the school, and others wait in our extended schedule service for the reconciliation until their families arrive.

The next day, our students face a new adventure at Casvi International American School – don’t let them tell you, come and meet us!

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