Critical thinking at Casvi International American School

Critical thinking is the ability of human beings to analyze and evaluate information on a subject in order to determine the veracity of that information and form an idea about it, ignoring different external aspects.

As Descartes proposed: it is about questioning the information, dogmas and absolute axioms that surround us until we ourselves can give veracity or not. The aim is to understand and verify reality for ourselves and not to accept what others say.

It is very important that today’s children develop this critical thinking, one of the best skills of the 21st century, since we live in a world where a huge amount of information is generated and it is essential that they acquire this ability.

Critical thinking at Casvi International American School
The importance of critical thinking

Most of our daily thinking is not critical because if we were thinking that way all the time, we would not be able to do other things. Therefore, it is also good that part of our thinking is automatic. Even so, it is important to work to develop that critical thinking for the following reasons:

-Improves communication and language skills: thinking clearly improves the way ideas are expressed.

-Promotes creativity: critical thinking plays a fundamental role in the creation of new ideas that are useful and relevant.

-Is fundamental for self-reflection: it is important to reflect on the ideas and decisions we make in order to have a meaningful life. Thus critical thinking provides the necessary tools to carry out this self-evaluation.

-Is the basis of science and democracy: science requires the critical use of reason to experiment and then to confirm the theory. For liberal democracy to function properly, citizens must be able to think critically and not follow the masses by default.

Critical thinking, one of the most in-demand soft skills

Critical thinking is one of the soft skills. These skills are the set of attitudes, behaviors and qualities that allow people to relate to each other in their work, school and personal lifes.

Nowadays, the labor sector requires people who are capable of analyzing situations and making the best possible decision. Thinking critically and coming up with ideas is essential in the work environment. That is why children must be trained so that they gradually acquire this critical thinking ability.

Some of the keys to develop such thinking in them are:

-Ask them open-ended questions.

-Give them time to think.

-Help them to look for different solutions.

-Offer them autonomy in their decisions.

Critical thinking at Casvi International American School

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”

Christopher Hitchens
How do we foster critical thinking at Casvi International American School?

At Casvi International American School our main objective is to train future citizens to be able to face the world around them in the best possible way. In order to achieve this, it is essential to promote critical thinking among our students.

Thanks to the International Baccalaureate methodology, our students have to investigate different topics. Students search with interest and get to the bottom of ideas in order to understand and internalize them. In this way, inquiry allows them to develop critical thinking and to be able to solve problems and look for solutions on their own.

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