How much does it cost to live in Spain for a month?

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Living in Spain is cheaper and more affordable than you might think. Cost of living in Spain for one month is one of the lowest in Western Europe. We show you the average cost of living in Spain.

Living in Spain as a foreigner

Around 5 million foreign residents currently live in Spain. They choose this country for many reasons: Sunny climate, great cuisine, welcoming culture, well-developed healthcare system, great educational programs… In addition, the cost of living in Spain is quite low. In fact, it is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe.

Add this to its high quality of life, and it is no wonder that Spain is one of the most popular destinations to live for students and foreigners.

Cost to live in Spain in a month

Leaving aside the price of rent and mortgages and depending on your lifestyle, a couple can live in Spain on 1,700 euros per month very easily, and still eat out in restaurants frequently. Once you know where to go, a daily menu costs only about 12 euros (with starter, main course, drink and dessert).

If you are a huge fan of going out for dinner every once in a while, be sure you can do that in Spain very affordably. There is a varied cuisine that offers something for every food lover. The price of food is undoubtedly one of the cheapest in Europe, without leaving aside its taste and quality.

If you are a family, the average price of living in Spain obviously increases a little more, but not too much. At 100 euros per week for grocery shopping, it may be enough for a family of three, since children usually have lunch at school. Many basic food items are not expensive in Spain because of the warm climate.

Here is an example of the costs of living in Spain for a month for a couple, according to International Living. Depending on how you choose to spend your money and your lifestyle, your individual budget could be more or less than the one here.

Source: International Living

Cost to live in Madrid

Living even in big cities like Madrid (capital of Spain), can also be cheaper than you think. As it happens all over the world, the cost of living in rural areas or outside large cities is cheaper than in major cities. However, if we compare the cost of living in big cities such as New York, London or Munich with Madrid, we can clearly see that Madrid is much cheaper.

10 key aspects of quality Pre-school Education at Casvi International American School

Education Cost in Spain

Spain has one of the strongest education systems keeping up with the standards of Western Europe. Public education in Spain is compulsory and mandatory for children until the age of 16. This means that if you are a registered resident in Spain, you may send your children to school for free. Excluding the cost of uniforms, books, and so on. However, many foreigners who live in Spain want to send their children to private or semi-private schools.

In private schools, parents find more personalized attention for their children and different possibilities of educational systems, looking for example, an international methodology. In Casvi, through a multidisciplinary education focused not only on acquiring knowledge, but also on inquiring, expressing, representing and sharing, our school allows students to develop their full potential. Our students acquire the skills, knowledge and multiple competencies that are essential for the personal, emotional and professional development required by the society of the 21st century.

The costs of education in this type of school are higher than in other schools with more traditional educational systems, but cheaper than in other European countries. Depending on the grade the children are studying, the price can range from 100 euros to 900 euros per month. However, in other countries we can find much higher prices.

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