Closing the school year with great academic results

Casvi International American School began its journey two years ago relieving the Pinosierra School of Tres Cantos. In this time, not only the facilities of the campus were improved, but we also encourage and develop in our students their talent at the artistic level, sports and, of course, in the academic field that thanks to our educational project and methodology It leads our students to achieve academic excellence.

Los cien mejores de la EVAU

Proof of this, are the results that our students of 2nd year of Bachillerato have obtained in the tests of the EvAU carried out in the Autonomous University of Madrid by standing out among the 100 best grades obtained this year. Marta Villoslada González with 9,900, Miguel Calle Tercero with 9,850, Javier Serra Alonso with 9,775 and Álvaro Gómez Gómez with 9,700 out of 10 in the mandatory phase.

Mejores notas Autonoma EVau

Javier Serra Alonso & Marta Villoslada.

As if that is not enough, the Community of Madrid recognizes the best records in the Extraordinary Awards of Baccalaureate 2018-2019, in which two of our students have given the do. Miguel Calle Tercero is the second best of the entire Region with a final grade of 9.03 and Álvaro Gómez Gómez the fifth with a grade of 8.90.

Mejor expediente bachillerato Madrid

Miguel Calle Tercero & Álvaro Gómez Gómez.

With these results, It is clear the great labor done by our students and teaching staff as well as the effort and ongoing work during the school year in class.


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