Christmas at school

Christmas at Casvi International American School is a very special occasion so that all of our students work on their values.

They were preparing Christmas by working on theirs cards, costumes, christmas trees and rehearsing Christmas carols for the festival that we organize every year at school.

From Casvi International American School we wish you a Merry Christmas with all of your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you next year.



Christmas Cards Winners are:

Marta Barbero Pre-k 2

Ana Isabel Lastras de Grade 1

Alejandro Martín Grade 4

Tania Cordera Grade 5

Josefina Oyono Ona Grade 6

Natasha Sedoski Grade 7

Pablo Pascual Grade 8

Nuria Fernández 3º E.S.O.

Michelle Lawver Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher



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