Chinese New Year in an international school like Casvi International American School

This week,  Chinese New Year is being celebrated worldwide. This is the beginning of the year 4720, a year under the sign of the water tiger, for all Chinese people. But how do we live in an international school a celebration like this? What kind of activities do our students do to celebrate it? How and why have we celebrated it in Casvi International American School?

Well, the answer to this last question is quite simple. Because of the international and multicultural character of Casvi International American School we also have students from China in our classrooms. Due to the multilingualism offered in our school, Chinese is one of the languages that our students learn. They do it from 3rd grade and in curricular timetable. Also, knowing and disseminating their culture is one of our main objectives.

This objective is also one of the pillars of the International Baccalaureate methodology that is taught at all stages, with the IB Program Continuum (PYP, MYP and DP). Our mission is to develop intercultural understanding and respect as a fundamental aspect of life in the 21st century. International mindedness is at the core of the IB mission. We prepare young people to create a better and more peaceful world. Besides, is important the mutual understanding and intercultural respect. Awareness of international cultures, languages and experiences is an elemental aspect of IB education.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year in Casvi

With this gallery of images we show you all the activities that we have done in Casvi International American School in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Advantages of studying Chinese in an international school like Casvi International American School

Being aware of one’s ignorance is the best part of knowledge.
Chinese proverb

Here are six compelling reasons to prove the suitability of studying Chinese in the classrooms of Casvi International American School:

  1. This language stimulate the brain. Psychologists have found that Chinese classes stimulate children’s creativity, develop memory and facilitate multitasking.
  2. It fosters the development of artistic skills. Just look at the diversity and richness of Chinese painting and calligraphy, which comprises almost 60,000 signs. 
  3. The importance of Chinese in the world. It is the most spoken language with more than 1.2 billion speakers (1/5 of the world’s population). Moreover, it is the second most used language on the Internet and the official language of the world’s second economic power.
  4. It will open many company doors. Given its status as a world economic power, more and more companies (especially large ones) value the fact that their candidates know Chinese.
  5. Not as difficult as it may seem. In Chinese there is no gender, no plural, and verb tenses are much less complex. Its difficulty only lies in the ideograms that make up the Chinese alphabet and in its phonetics.
  6. A way to get to know their culture. Its literature and philosophy, its cinema and music.

Chinese classes at Casvi International American School

All these are enough reasons for Casvi International American School to offer Chinese classes as a curricular subject from Grade 3 to Grade 9. In them, our students learn in a fun way not only this language. They also learn its culture. The students have two weekly sessions in this language offered by native teachers and through activities such as this celebration.

Learning is carried out from the perspective of the International Baccalaureate methodology and from the English language, since this is our language of instruction.

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