Children and sports at Casvi Tres Cantos, how do we bring out the athlete in them?

Children and sports in Casvi Tres Cantos, how do we bring out the athlete in them?

The relationship between children and sports at Casvi Tres Cantos is fundamental. In our center, the practice of different sports and physical activities plays a major role in the development of our daily life.

According to the WHO, 80% of children and adolescents do not do enough daily exercise in spite of the multiple benefits it has for their development. It is important to reduce sedentary lifestyles and promote the practice of physical activity. But how do we bring out the athlete in children at Casvi Tres Cantos?

Children and sports in Casvi Tres Cantos, how do we bring out the athlete in them?
Benefits of sports for children and teenagers

The practice of any sport is very positive for health. But, due to the current life situation, there is a tendency to a sedentary lifestyle, which also affects young people due to the excess of curricular load, consoles, cell phones or television…

These are some of the benefits of practicing sports and physical activity for children:

1. Helps growth. Sport promotes both physical and mental growth because it stimulates bone and muscle tissue. It also helps develop certain skills such as coordination, agility and balance.

2. Prevents health problems. It helps prevent problems such as overweight and obesity. It also favors the proper functioning of the immune system and the improvement of certain body postures.

3. Creates habits. It promotes the acquisition of healthy life habits such as healthy and balanced nutrition.


4. Respect. Sport is linked to the idea of companionship, commitment and effort.

5. Improves social skills. Thanks to sports, children interact with others and share common interests. It also teaches them the value of teamwork that will make individual effort shine.

6. Improved academic performance. There are studies that affirm that the practice of sport has a direct relation in the improvement of academic results, since thanks to it the children have a greater capacity of concentration.

7. Growth of self-esteem. By overcoming new challenges, children acquire greater self-confidence and can better cope with the different situations they face.

8. Sportsmanship as a value. The practice of sports also promotes very positive values that children can transfer to their personal and future lives.

Which sport to choose?

When choosing a sport to practice, it is essential that the child feels attracted to it and feels comfortable practicing it. It should be a fun time for them and they should enjoy it.

Although the choice depends on the child’s age and preferences, it is ideal for the youngest children to look for activities that favor the improvement of psychomotor skills, balance and coordination. However, as they grow older, in adolescence, they can carry out more specific and specialized training.

In spite of everything, the most important thing is that both children and young people have fun practicing the sport they choose and get the best benefit from each one of them.

Children and sports in Casvi Tres Cantos, how do we bring out the athlete in them?
Sports at Casvi Tres Cantos

In Casvi Tres Cantos we give special importance to the practice of physical activity and sports. In spacious sports facilities consisting of a soccer field, two tennis courts, two paddle courts, a basketball court, a volleyball court and a large sports center, our students can practice all kinds of sports and acquire healthy life habits.

The mixture of physical activity and school work makes the students physically, mentally and emotionally balanced. In this way they fulfill one of the attributes of the IB profile.

Within the school timetable, physical education, tennis, paddle tennis and dance classes are given and we also celebrate special days such as Sports Day or the Casvi Triangular in which the three schools of the Casvi Educational Group (Casvi Villaviciosa, Casvi Boadilla and Casvi Tres Cantos) participate.

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