Celebrating 100 days of school!

The Casvi International American School educational community celebrates its first 100 days of school. During this time they have experienced moments of learning, fun, laughter and love. In addition, the international mentality acquired by the students from a very early age makes them grateful and respectful with the educational community.

The different activities carried out during the celebration of this day help our students to be able to plan, interact and understand the environment around them.

This is how have celebrated in Casvi International American School these 100 days of school:

As you can see in the pictures, is a day of joy and satisfaction for everyone. Some of the activities that have been done to commemorate this special date have been the creation of their own T-shirts or the decoration of murals with their teachers. Many others have also dressed up as 100 years old. They were also able to enjoy the school’s incredible outdoor facilities by playing a match of teachers versus students.

Once again, the students showed their inquisitive side based on the International Baccalaureate. This unique teaching method has as its fundamental pillars practice, research, and inquiry to ensure that students are open-minded, informed and educated, caring, good communicators, upright and reflective.


Curricular activities for developing artistic and visual techniques

At Casvi International American School we not only encourage children’s talents through inquiry units. We also offer a wide range of curricular activities through which all students can develop different artistic and visual techniques. We attach great importance to the world of the arts since the practice of these activities will provide our students with the necessary guidelines to acquire the skills that will lead them to be successful people in the future.

Language, music, painting or dance help students to express their ideas and emotions. For this reason, it is very important that during their first years of life they play, sing, draw and dance. In this way, they will develop their sensory, cognitive, motor, cerebral and emotional systems.

On the other hand, teachers have to face the great challenge of fostering their curiosity to learn and develop creative thinking. To do so, they have to make use of a methodology adapted to the educational process of each student.

We are a reference center in global and international teaching, innovative, quality, and totally personalized. Thus, thanks to the methodology based on the International Baccalaureate, students achieve high levels of excellence in their education.

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