At Casvi International American School the personal and academic values of each of our students are our greatest concern. For this reason, in our school we provide a type of education that allows all our students to reach the highest levels of excellence in their education, developing, under the methodology of the International Baccalaureate, critical thinking, the mastery of different languages, the promotion of sports, creativity and artistic spirit. Among all these values, at Casvi International American School we ensure personalized attention for each family, this is one of our greatest values, but, in addition, the technological innovation of our facilities to offer an education of excellence to our students is the greatest challenge accomplished in the history of our institution.

Helping our students grow personally and intellectually puts them at an advantage situation when they start the University life or enter into the work life. By detecting their talents and abilities, Casvi students develop an entrepreneurial spirit, which is capable of learning autonomously and works with an ethical commitment to society in general. In this way, at Casvi we promote respect and interculturalism among our students, forming them with a complete international mindset.

Educational excellence

Casvi’s value proposal is demonstrated through its teaching methodology. Encouraging the curiosity to learn, to inquire and to develop the critical and creative thinking of our students is the great challenge that our native teachers face day by day. To achieve an objective of such magnitude, each of our teachers has the key tool: a methodology adapted to the educational process of each student. At Casvi International American School we are aware that not all our students have the same needs or inquiries. That is why we design a customized educational process for each one of them, placing them in those classrooms where their strengths are maximized, but above all, where their concerns are addressed.

Thanks to a personalized methodology, we make each student aware of their abilities, talents, skills and preferences. Thus, in our large campus, we train future musicians, engineers, scientists, professional athletes, dancers, singers, designers, programmers, journalists, biologists… For our students, any profession is possible, since this institution opens the doors to a globalized and international world, which allows them to access any job, in any city in the world.

Propuesta de valor que aporta Casvi

Language immersion and native teachers

Casvi’s value proposal provided becomes more complete when we talk about the members of our educational community. As a reference center in the Community of Madrid, with an international and global education, and with a methodology based on IB, quality, innovative and highly personalized, our students reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic, artistic and personal development. By having an American curriculum with native teachers of different nationalities, students not only live a complete language immersion, but also a cultural one. All this will give them a real advantage in their personal and professional future.

But beyond offering educational excellence, the true value of Casvi International American School is our professionals. An educational community with highly qualified native teachers, who not only foster a love of learning, but also the development of creative, athletic and artistic skills in each of their students as part of the academic program.

Propuesta de valor que aporta Casvi

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