Casvi International American School shapes the future

On its 75th anniversary, The United Nations is hosting the largest global conversation about the future at a time of great change in the world, such as the worst global health crisis in its history.

Covid-19 is a stark reminder of the need for cooperation across borders, sectors and generations. Defining global priorities now and in the future is essential. That is why, through a global survey that can be done online, the UN Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, will receive a universal opinion that aims to promote a better and healthier future thanks to a great show of solidarity.

Will it bring the world closer together? At Casvi International American School as global citizens and members of the International Baccalaureate, we have taken this excellent opportunity to collaborate in this initiative and thus participate in a global conversation in which a better, healthier and sustainable future is possible.

Therefore, our school community has joined #ShapeTheFuture and, through its feedback, has been able to shape the future of the world in a more personal way. As you might expect, the pandemic has been the general topic throughout the survey. “Picture the world we want in 25 years from now or what global trends will affect us in the future are some of the questions our students have asked during this global survey. Also, our goal has been to raise their awareness of important issues such as equalityclimate change and access to quality education. Some of them were even encouraged to send a message to the Secretary-General himself. For them, solidarity among nations and having access to a universal health system right now is essential,” says our director Virginia Caballero.

Once again, Casvi International American School demonstrates its commitment to create a better, healthier and sustainable future.

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