Casvi International American School on Onda Cero Madrid Norte

Students, teachers and staff of Casvi International American School have been the protagonists of the program ‘Más de Uno’ of Onda Cero Madrid Norte. For an hour and a half, they have been able to talk about the main issues concerning our school.

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The first to speak was our director Juan Luis Yagüe, who was in charge of putting the listeners in context about Casvi International American School. He talked about topics such as the importance of being an international school. In addition, he highlighted the innovation in methodology. We are a school that implements the International Baccalaureate in all the stages, which allows the students to adapt to the needs of the XXI century.

Moreover, he highlighted the advantages of the American curriculum as well as the importance of linguistic immersion in English thanks to our internationally trained native teachers.

Teachers and students from the center take the floor

The program was then joined by Ana Isabel Domínguez (PD coordinator) and Laura McCutcheon (MYP coordinator), who spoke about how the three programs that make up the International Baccalaureate work in a transversal and continuous way.

Ryan Posey (PYP coordinator) and Marco Knouse (Grade 6 student) closed the first part of the program. Marco shared his experience with the personal project he had to carry out at the end of the MYP stage.

Multiculturalism and internationality

If there is something that stands out in our center, it is multiculturalism and internationality. To talk about this, Igne Spulyte (Grade 10 student), international student; Ismael González (Grade 10), Spanish student who lives this internationality and Daryl Hockin, international Music teacher, joined the table. All of them highlighted the advantages of multiculturalism at Casvi International American School and the cultural richness it brings them.

There was also time to talk about our boarding school. Miguel Hidalgo (Residence Coordinator) and Fernando-Shyam González (Grade 12 Residence student). They talked about the experience of living in our boarding school.

Finally, two very important topics in our center were discussed, the Athletics and Art Schools. No one better to talk about them than Rosa Doughty (Art teacher) and Álvaro Amor (Physical Education teacher).

The closing of this special program of ‘Más de Uno’ of Onda Cero Madrid Norte was given by the student of Grade 9, Raquel Revuelta, who played a musical piece with her violin.

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