Casvi Foundation in Piura (Peru) celebrates its 14th Anniversary

Casvi Foundation in Piura (Peru) celebrates its 14th anniversary. An abandoned land that used to be a landfill became the ideal place to build a building that would become the foundation’s headquarters. Currently, these facilities include an Occupational Training Center with specialties such as hotel management, painting, ceramics, hairdressing and computers. In addition, 140 people without resources are fed daily in its dining room.

History of Casvi Foundation

At Grupo Casvi (Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi, Colegio Concertado Casvi Boadilla and Casvi International American School) we are committed to the integral formation of our students. In this formation, social commitment and education in values are fundamental. All these aspects have been key to obtain the European Business Quality Award granted by the European Association for Economy and Competitiveness.

Since the first Casvi school (Casvi Villaviciosa) was created, the objective has always been to collaborate with different solidarity causes. In 2006, the Casvi Foundation project started, through which we wanted to involve the whole community in actions for the common good aimed at helping needy sectors both inside and outside Spain.

The first project consisted of a trip to Piura (Peru) to build, with funds sent from Casvi, the building of the Occupational Training Center and the dining room.

During all these years, Grupo Casvi has continued to contribute to the development of this center. The work carried out during the pandemic was very important. However, this circumstance did not prevent us from celebrating the 13th birthday as we remember in this video.

Solidarity and International Baccalaureate

The Casvi Foundation is the most important solidarity project of Grupo Casvi, but not the only one. Due to the International Baccalaureate methodology, we promote among our students the ten attributes of the IB profile, among them, solidarity.

The IB lays the foundations for solidarity to be something fundamental at Casvi International American School. At all stages, students demonstrate their solidarity through projects of global importance that help to improve the lives of people and the environment.

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