Casvi celebrates 100 days of school!

The day has finally arrived! Casvi International American School celebrates 100 days of school. 100 days of learning, lessons, laughter, love and fun times. At Casvi we are a big family, that is why we teach all our students to be respectful and grateful to the whole educational community. Thus, from an early age, our students learn to develop an international mindset to become citizens of the world. 

The activities to develop the 100 days of school are very varied, and help our students to plan, interact and understand the field of the environment that surrounds us. During this day, Casvi’s students work especially on the core of mathematical thinking, since, from the beginning of the day, Casvi’s youngest students began to count and record class time. Celebrating the 100 days marks a very big change in them and makes temporality begin to be meaningful for each of our students.

Once again Casvi’s value proposition makes sense and is demonstrated through its teaching methodology. The students demonstrate their more inquisitive profile based on the International Baccalaureate methodology through play as in the making of colorful t-shirts, or in the balloon workshop.

Beyond transmitting knowledge, theories or techniques, we all know that educating means touching the spirit, transmitting passion, and revolutionizing the soul. Nowadays it is very common to see how parents, teachers, and even students, focus their interest on rational intelligence, overlooking feelings, creativity, critical thinking, and even imagination, as essential subjects in the education of any person.

Fostering curiosity for learning and developing creative thinking is a great challenge that teachers will always have to face. Therefore, the only antidote that exists to help this to happen is to include an adapted methodology in the educational process of any student. Of course, if this methodology includes art education as an essential subject in schools and colleges, it will undoubtedly help students to know themselves better, express their inner world and express their imagination and creativity.


100 days of School at Casvi a student with her Ipad


At Casvi International American School we are aware that children love to create and imagine. For this reason, in order to incorporate arts education in each of its classrooms, we offer a wide range of curricular options for the development of artistic and visual techniques.

As a reference center for international and global education, and with a methodology based on the International Baccalaureate, quality, innovative and highly personalized, our students reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic, artistic and personal development. By having an American curriculum with native teachers, students not only live a complete linguistic immersion, but also a cultural immersion, which will give them a real advantage in their professional future.

But, beyond having an unparalleled teaching methodology, the true spirit of our educational system is our professionals. An educational community with highly qualified native teachers, who also foster a love of art in each of their students as part of the academic program.

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