Bullying prevention at Casvi International American School

Bullying prevention at Casvi International American School is very important. Is the key to the proper functioning of a school. We work for an adequate coexistence both inside and outside the classroom. This is something that should be carried out during the whole school stage. However, it is necessary to focus more on the children from the age of 9, when small conflicts may start to arise. Because it is at this age when it is more difficult for them to control their emotions and act with integrity.

Actions to prevent bullying and conflicts in the classroom at Casvi International American School.

Working on the emotional intelligence of students since they are young is one of the keys to prevent conflict situations in the classroom. At Casvi International American School we carry out different strategies to work on it, such as:

– Knowing one’s own emotions better.

– Knowing how to identify the emotions of others.

– Being able to control one’s own emotions.

– Preventing the harmful effects of negative emotions.

– To develop the ability to generate positive emotions.

– To adopt a positive attitude towards life.

In the same way, we work on a digital health strategy to make the right use of social networks. On the one hand, the aim is that the student knows how to shape their digital identity and, in turn, be able to relate properly with the world.

Types of conflict to prevent in the classroom

It is fundamental to prevent bullying at Casvi International American School. Nowadays, different types of conflicts can occur in the classroom:

– Physical conflict. From shoving or hazing to more obvious physical aggression.

– Verbal conflict. More or less subtle harassment without the need for bad-sounding words, threats, insults, name-calling, rumors…

– Situation of exclusion. Cases in which a student or a group of students intentionally excludes or excludes another student.

– Cyberbullying. Bullying on the network as the dissemination of images without consent or manipulated with the aim of harming or ridiculing a person through the Internet.

Bullying Prevention Plan

The bullying prevention plan is included in the school’s own coexistence plan. It is based both on conferences planned each year by specialized organizations and also on the school’s own actions. Some of these actions are tutoring sessions to work on coexistence or empathy, conferences, etc. Moreover, we also develop activities in which families are involved, since, as Casvi’s philosophy states: school and family must go hand in hand, especially in issues such as these.

 “Improving coexistence in our schools is everyone’s goal. Our schoolchildren need to come to class as a safe environment, where they are happy.”

Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education and Vocational Training
Family and school, a team, how can we contribute from home?

The importance of collaboration between families and the school is essential to prevent this type of situation. Families have to work at home and be an example for the students. They can play a key role in the prevention, detection and intervention in bullying situations.

For this, there must be a space at home where children can express their emotions and where they are well received. In this way, they themselves will be able to detect when they are not being treated well.

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