Benefits of swimming in schools

The great benefits of swimming have led us to include this sport in Casvi International American School as another activity within the school day. Our students are introduced to this sport when they are only 3 years old.

Let’s see what benefits swimming has in particular. Why is it so important to practice it in schools? At Casvi, sport is a fundamental pillar.

Benefits of swimming

The World Health Organization advises a minimum daily practice of 60 minutes of physical activity for children and adolescents. The purpose of this is to strengthen and exercise their bones and muscles. One of the most complete and beneficial sports is swimming, both for adults and children.

The aquatic environment is the most complete physical space that exists for the development of physical, psychological and neurological aptitudes. Swimming can be practiced from the very first months of life.

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What are the most important benefits of swimming?

-It strengthens muscles, helps improve the psychomotor system and optimizes the perception of space.
-It increases the IQ of the little ones as it stimulates their mind and will make them more observant and creative in the future.
-Strengthens the heart and lungs, that is, the entire cardiorespiratory system.
-It increases children’s security because when they interact with water they feel safe and work on their self-esteem and self-confidence.
-It makes them more autonomous and independent.
-Its practice is ideal against stress and nervousness.
-When practicing this sport, it increases appetite and, therefore, improves their nutrition.
-It makes children learn to socialize and to work as a team when necessary.

Swimming for children at Casvi International American School

Swimming is included as one more sport activity within the educational curriculum of Casvi students. Our students start in this sport in Pre-K, when they are only 3 years old, and continue until Grade 2, when they reach the age of 7.

Sports at Casvi

Sports at Casvi International American School are very important. We consider it fundamental for the integral development of our students. We also seek to detect sports talent as another Multiple Intelligence. This is something that is emphasized in any of our Sports Schools. In this video we tell you why.

A todo ello se une Casvi Football Academy, una Academia de Fútbol Profesional con la que hemos dado un paso más en nuestra apuesta por el deporte.

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