Benefits of music in the classroom

Music has a multitude of benefits, especially in motor and intellectual development from a very early age. It is for this reason that at Casvi International American School we promote musical and artistic creativity in the classroom. So, what kind of activities do we do to promote music? With what tools?

Activities to develop the benefits of music

Because of the importance of music, we are pioneers in the implementation of measures that allow us to give music classes the value they deserve within the school curriculum.

At Casvi International American School, our students have a great number of opportunities to express themselves. Beginning in the infant stage, Casvi students have visual arts and music classes.

With this type of activities, it is easier to detect the talent of our students and to promote it. Moreover, we have taken a series of initiatives such as:

-Increase in the number of hours of music classes.

Specialist teachers teach music.

-The subject is taught from Pre-Kinder 1. With only three years old, Casvi’s students start to work on their musical creativity.

-A wide variety of instruments are used for learning music: pianos, drums, bass, guitars, ukulele, xylophones, and small percussion.

-Classes are practical.

-We constantly use New technologies for the development of innovative creative projects.

The importance of Music at Casvi

Fostering the arts is fundamental at Casvi, both as part of the academic program and through a variety of extracurricular options. That´s why activities such as the Casvi Choir are central to the International Baccalaureate programs. Students can be part of it from Grade 1 through Grade 7.

Besides, within the curriculum, not only is Music taught, but students are also taught Piano.

 Benefits of music for students at Casvi International American School

-Strengthens concentration and attention.

-Favors the following of a discipline on a daily basis.

-Increases muscular, gestural, visual, and auditory memory.

-It facilitates the solution of problems in an imaginative way because it increases creativity and mental agility.

Develops motor and rhythmic skills. In addition, it provides a coordination capacity that would otherwise be difficult to develop.

-Increases self-confidence.

-It makes easy socialization.

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