Benefits of multilingualism

There are many benefits of multilingualism at Casvi International American School. A skill that cements our educational project. An excellent and comprehensive academic curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate and implemented through the American curriculum; outstanding programs in sports and the arts; a wide variety of extracurricular activities; and a global program designed to educate young people who face a world in continuous change.

Speaking several languages in today’s global, interconnected society is vitally important.  Being as fluent in English, German and Chinese as our students are, will help them to communicate anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, it is a fact that international mobility will be a frequent occurrence in their future. For this reason, at Casvi, we not only encourage the learning of these three foreign languages. We also encourage the development of an international mindset.

Benefits of multilingualism

Here are the main benefits of multilingualism:

  1. Multilingual students have a greater capacity for memory and attention.
  2. Stimulates the brain and cognitive functions.
  3. Improved problem solving. Thanks to multilingualism they will face them boldly.
  4. They develop an open mind, understanding the diversity of cultures as a way to enrich our minds.
  5. Improve both oral and written expression, standing out as good communicators.
  6. Promotes inclusion in the classroom.
  7. They have an advantage when choosing and facing their university and professional future. Especially in international projects.
  8. Languages are a loudspeaker to the world to interact in the globalized society of the 21st century.
  9. Finally, multilingualism fosters students’ global competence.

Multilingualism at Casvi

Given that our fundamental objective is the development of internationality, multilingualism at Casvi International American School is developed in the following way:

English. It is the official language of instruction in the Lower School, Middle School and High School stages (up to Grade 11). Given that its implementation has been gradual, next academic year 2022-23 this language will be the language of instruction for the entire student body. All subjects are taught in English by native English-speaking teachers, mostly American.

Spanish. This is the last course in which it will be the language of instruction in Grade 12. In the rest of the stages, it is treated as the mother tongue in coexistence with English.

– In addition, we encourage to learn other languages, such as Chinese and German.

Multilingualism in students with learning difficulties

The educational project of Casvi International American School in relation to multilingualism also contemplates students with learning difficulties. In this case, the Guidance Department collaborates with the teachers in the necessary adaptations and carries out a follow-up, thus achieving an inclusive education.

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