Benefits of early schooling from 0 to 3 years at Casvi International American School



The benefits of early schooling from 0 to 3 years old at Casvi International American School are more than proven. This fact improves the development of cognitive, emotional or social skills.

As indicated in the TIMSS 2019 report of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), 75% of children in Spain attend the Nursery stage. This figure is well above that of the rest of the European Union and OECD countries. This same study affirms that thanks to this high rate of early schooling from 0-3, Spanish students access Primary with better skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Benefits of early schooling at Casvi International American School
Benefits of early schooling from 0 to 3 years old at Casvi International American School

– Promotes the acquisition of habits and routines. Thanks to early schooling, the little ones can acquire different habits and routines that otherwise they would not have. Some of them are related to sleeping, eating…
– Improved socialization. Daily interaction with children of the same age broadens their social and communicative skills. Also their psychomotor skills, as they gradually discover their body scheme and the world of the senses.
– It promotes language development and language learning. At Casvi International American School, our students live a total linguistic immersion in English from the first years of their lives, as well as in American culture.
– Learning “unintentionally”. In the 0 to 3 years old classroom at Casvi International American School “learning is always fun and the children learn practically without realizing it”. They do it through music, symbolic play or representations.

– Acquisition of psychomotor skills. In our school we work on different activities to promote motor activities. With them, we seek that children create new habits and skills such as independence and autonomy. On the other hand, we also encourage the theme of constancy, an important value in the IB methodology. “This is like a staircase, you have to go up step by step, working day after day”.
– Early literacy development. Literacy is very important even in the 0 to 3 years stage. Here we work on it through stories, songs, baby signing (sign language for babies) and fine psychomotor activities (hands and fingers).
– Math skills (numeracy). At Casvi International American School we have different activities to promote the understanding and manipulation of the symbolic and non-symbolic concept of numbers. Through them, we also work on the meaning of the concept-quantity of numbers. In this way, from an early age, they work on quantification, reasoning, spatial orientation, temporal orientation…

Benefits of early schooling at Casvi International American School
Early Schooling 0-3 years and the International Baccalaureate

At Nursery it is very important to respect the individual needs of the students. To understand where each child is in terms of development and maturity. In this way, at our school, we provide each child with the necessary tools to consolidate the different learning processes.

All of this is closely related to the International Baccalaureate methodology, implemented at Casvi International American School through its three programs (PYP, MYP and DP). Although it is true that this methodology does not start to be applied from the age of 3, at Casvi International American School we achieve this verticality by unifying what we put into practice from the moment our students are integrated into our school community, regardless of their age.

Within this methodology, the world of emotions is very important. It is part of the personal growth and self-esteem of each child and for this reason, in our center we work so that the children acquire self-control skills that are fundamental for socialization and for their academic, personal and professional future.

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