Testing to learn

In 4 Grade Science class our students learn by themselves following the steps of an unit of  inquiry by making an observation, questioning about a fact and forming hypothesis.

Within the module “Energy and Motion” our students inquire about gravity and how an object’s surface area affect how quickly it falls.

Indagar Casvi BI

First of all, they stated a claim in class and after that, they went outside to carry out and investigation and observe how the same piece of paper, but with different shape, could act differently.

Inquire Casvi BI

In pairs, they recorded their findings and communicated the information they learned to their peers.

Inquire Casvi BI

This a very useful process in which our students do not just learn to be self-sufficients by taking their own learning path over, but to develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

Casvi indagar BI

Inquiry-based learning helps students make their own connections about what they learn.

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