American teachers: benchmarks in international, multicultural and diverse education

Teachers play a fundamental role in the formation of students and in their education. At Casvi International American School we are a school with an American curriculum, so there is nothing better than having American teachers.

Our team of teachers are the great transmitters of education. We have a qualified native English-speaking, mostly American, teaching staff. All of them are specialists in education, trained in American universities and consolidated and trained in the school itself.

In addition, our teachers give special importance to the development of each child’s individual talents. They provide a personalized education through guidance and communication with the student. In this way, they also achieve a social and emotional development that prepares them for life and helps them to prevent social dangers outside the school environment.

A clear commitment to global education

The educational community of Casvi International American School is one of the strong points of our value proposition. We are a center of reference in the Community of Madrid. We have a global and international education, and a quality, highly personalized and innovative methodology based on the International Baccalaureate.

Having native teachers contributes to the linguistic immersion in English that we achieve in the school and that allows the acquisition and improvement of this common language for students from different countries and cultures.

In addition, teachers also play a fundamental role in promoting intercultural education in the classroom. Our teachers are trained to meet this challenge. Therefore, they have developed their international training and global competencies knowing that their behavior must be empathetic, tolerant, understanding, respectful and free of prejudice.

Moreover, all of this only adds up so that the students of Casvi International American School begin to prepare themselves from the first stages to be able to access any university in the world.

Our American teachers and their experience

Laura Mc Cutcheon is one of our teachers. She is now the MYP Coordinator and talks about her experience at the school:

“I have been working at Casvi International American School for 5 years, since it started in Tres Cantos. Being an American and working at Casvi, has been an amazing experience. I have seen many changes in students and as they become open-minded citizens of the world. Teaching in a multicultural environment has many benefits for me as well as my students. Students are exposed to diverse cultures, languages, and ways of thinking. They are challenged daily to work together and find solutions to real-life situations”.

Laura Mc Cutcheon

Kelly Freimuth, Grade 6 tutor, also tells what it’s like to work at the center:

“Having had the opportunity to teach in a Spanish school as an American has been a rewarding experience. I love helping students not only learn a new language but also help open their minds to diverse cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. Watching students expand their knowledge in the classroom is extremely satisfying and results in dynamic, real-world discussions and debates. It promotes curiosity and open-mindedness to new perspectives on life, encourages innovative ideas and helps gives a real-world meaning to their education”.

Kelly Freimuth

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