Education according to the American curriculum: the doors to a world of opportunities

It is no secret that the United States has one of the most powerful economies in the world. Different studies, articles and news reveal that receiving an education according to the American model favors the achievement of higher levels of productivity and entrepreneurship. Not in vain, the United States is known for its relevance in a world economic scenario in constant evolution and adapted to the latest technologies.

Despite being aware of these advantages, many families still ask themselves, why choose an American school? What does the American curriculum bring to my children’s education? Does receiving an education according to the American curriculum really open the door to a world of opportunities? The American curriculum offers a balanced and broad educational approach. In addition, it is accompanied by a wide range of extracurricular activities, the importance of which is much greater than in other curricula. At Casvi International American School, for the last five years we have considered that the combination of this educational model with the International Baccalaureate methodology offers an optimal model for our students. Fundamentally because it provides each student with a unique and flexible environment in which to develop the skills necessary to excel in any subject and develop their talents and potential.

How is the American curriculum educational plan?

The curriculum we follow at Casvi International American School is oriented towards practical and research-based teaching methods. It is also characterized by linguistic immersion and the performance of native teachers who play a role different from that of the traditional teacher and are not subject to the curricular rigidity characteristic of other curricula.

The American curriculum is based on the American Common Core State Standards, which focus on multiple intelligences and the development of individual talents, with special attention to the impact on such essential aspects as cognitive, affective and social aspects of the students. This, in short, gives teachers greater creative freedom to adapt the curriculum according to the individual needs of each student.

The American project emphasizes:

  • A more personalized education.
  • Interaction with students.
  • Class participation and its “Learning by doing” method.
  • Research and experimentation as basic tools to train successful students.

The benefits of being educated according to the American curriculum

When making such an important decision as the choice of your child’s educational model, it is essential to understand the benefits of being trained under the curriculum of an American international school:

Talent search

At Casvi our methodology is designed to form well-rounded students who can focus on the subjects in which they excel the most.

A world of opportunities

Studying under an American international model opens the doors to a universe of options. Thanks to the University Fairs held at Casvi, students are able to shape their own future. This is further enhanced by also being able to take advantage of the International Baccalaureate model.

Development of essential attributes

This model fosters creativity, critical thinking and social skills in students.


Americans are known to be open-minded and outgoing. Studying according to this model helps students to develop an open mind, based on internationality and interculturality. The development of global competence is also a key aspect of the IB model, which encourages students to think critically and to recognize and value the differences between cultures.

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