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Role of our educational psycologists

The objective is to guide and assist pupils so that they successfully complete their school education. To do so, our Orientation Department analyses the needs of pupils and carries out the following actions:

  • Psycho-pedagogical assessments.
  • Psycho-pedagogical reports.
  • They focus on the early identification of students with a development delay in the different development areas during Pre-School.
  • Interviews with parents, tutors, teachers and pupils.
  • Orientation meetings with parents, teachers and pupils.
  • They recognize students with high intellectual capabilities and advice teachers to plan their differentiated instruction accordingly.
  • Collaboration in the preparation of different adaptations.
  • Monitoring of measures adopted with pupils with difficulties.
  • Technical advice on different aspects of school life.
  • Collaboration in the Coexistence Plan of the centre.
  • Collaboration in orientation activities at the Centre.
  • They pay special attention to foreign students who cannot speak Spanish and who have a significant achievement gap.
  • To develop a Vocational Orientation Programme.
  • Implementation of the Team and Friends Alert project to prevent bullying and to improve coexistence at the centre.

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