A different Carnival.

Defying gravity, saving endangered species or putting fires out. Our students have represented their dreams through their Carnival costumes after having worked on different transdisciplinary themes like “How we share the planet” and on principles such as boldness.

That’s the reason because PYP and MYP homeroom Teachers proposed to the students that they could surprise all with a costume that represented their dreams, professional expectations or by being a famous character that inspires them.

Carnival has been the end of many activities in which students have inquired about the role of human beings in the world, the importance of scientific advances and the structure of organizations. 

So today at school, we have met Gabriela the veterinarian, José Manuel the racing driver and Flavia the archeologist. Oops! Rafa Nadal and Christopher Columbus were also around…

And you, what do you want to be?




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