10 key aspects of quality Pre-School education at Casvi International American School

Quality is one of the key aspects of Pre-School education at Casvi International American School. This factor is paramount since receiving a quality education will have a positive impact on the students in their social, educational and economic life.

Perseverance, teamwork and the participation of students, teachers and parents are fundamental to achieve this educational quality. At Casvi International American School we have academic excellence. This is thanks to a series of objectives that are set in all stages, even in the earliest stages such as Pre-School:

– To form future citizens who contribute to the transformation of society towards a just, supportive and participatory society.
– To help improve the quality of life both individually and socially.
– Encourage commitment to the sustainable development of the planet.
– To have the values, knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully face the requirements of the global economic situation.

10 key aspects of quality Pre-school Education at Casvi International American School
Key aspects of a quality Pre-School education at Casvi International American School

1. Direct communication with families. The relationship with the families is fundamental. From the school we are in continuous and direct communication so that both aspects work together for the welfare and the best formation of the student.

2. Attending to individual needs. We must take into account the state of each of the students and their needs. In this way, learning is facilitated so that the whole group meets the same objectives.

3. Work on emotions. Acquiring emotional competences is very important because they prepare students for life and thus, they can avoid social dangers that can occur both in the classroom and outside it.

4. Encourage play in the classroom. Play is the most natural and effective way for children to learn and practice all kinds of skills and abilities. It is also a good opportunity for them to investigate the world around them. At this Pre-School stage, play is related to children’s growth, creativity and relationships. These benefits are what the International Baccalaureate Organization talks about.

5. Stimulation and freedom of experimentation. It is a fundamental part of the daily routine and key to a quality Pre-School education. Thanks to this, children are able to draw their own conclusions from everything they learn.

6. Development of multiple intelligences. Learning in the Pre-school stage is globalized. We cannot separate the linguistic theme from the psychomotor section or emotional intelligence. This is intended for the integral development of each child.

7. Psychomotor work. A good work of both fine and general psychomotor skills will condition learning in later stages.

8. Promotion of verbal and non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is essential in Pre-School, but also in the rest of the stages. Verbal communication is also very important, since it favors the development of various language skills.

10 key aspects of quality Pre-school Education at Casvi International American School

9. International environment. The internationality enjoyed by the schools of Grupo Educativo Casvi is very beneficial for a quality education. In our centers we have families of different origins and cultures that allow students to acquire an open mind, one of the attributes of the International Baccalaureate.

10. Promotion of STEAM competencies. At Casvi International American School we develop STEAM competencies in our students. STEAM is an integrative and cross-disciplinary approach that fosters students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Today’s children will find a job market that demands specialized profiles. For this reason, the STEAM approach is aligned with the needs of an ever-changing society.

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